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LEAD, in partnership with BCCS, hosted its first networking dinner on December 18th, 2017. Corporate leaders from PWC, Janssen Inc, ScotiaBank, CIBC Bank, TD Bank were present to share their experience with job seekers and offer them networking advice. The event started with introductions where the mentors got an opportunity to learn about the diverse background and experience of the job seekers. The participant job seekers and mentors then broke into small groups based on their area of expertise/employment and shared their stories along with tips and tricks of job searching and networking in their field. The event ended with a delicious dinner.


LEAD is a registered non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada. We are dedicated to help the people of our communities achieve financial/economical independence/solvency through gaining access to employment and entrepreneurship. Our main strength is our vast and highly diverse Pool of Mentors, who are successful corporate and business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. These mentors are giving back to the community by mentoring interested individuals (job seekers or aspiring entrepreneurs) achieve their goals. See our list of services to learn more about us.


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Upcoming Projects
  • Business English Skills Development

  • Basic French Language Skills Development

  • Computer Skills for 21st Century Workplace - MS Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Access

  • Job specific computer skills training (MS Word, Excel, Access etc)

  • Job specific resume and cover letter writing workshops

  • Job search 101 – How to do efficient job search – tips and tricks

  • Networking 101 – How to network efficiently

  • Bi-monthly networking events

  • 1 on 1 long term mentoring

Message from the President





                    Rizuan Rahman




At LEAD, we believe that financial stability is one of the key pillars for the peace of mind of an individual. It becomes even more important when an individual has to take care of a family. Through years of community consultation, research and interviews, need assessment and strategic planning, LEAD has come to a conclusion that it is necessary to break the status-quo of conventional job search help and initiate some stimulating activities to help the members of our communities on their journey to achieve economic independence and financial stability.


LEAD will not only devote its initiatives to help individuals find the right job through training and networking, but also facilitate meaningful help for aspiring entrepreneurs by providing guidance, mentoring and other relevant facilities. Our model is “people helping people” and I am eternally grateful to our respectable Pool of Mentors for the benevolent contribution of their time and commitment. Any organization needs proper funding to organize meaningful activities and LEAD is no different. However, as wise men of the golden age used to say, for any honest cause, the most important resource is willpower, the rest will comes along.


Thank you for visiting our site and I hope we can connect soon to discuss how we can help each other.


 Best wishes


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